Current Status


    May – 2009

    Dholera SIR Declared.

    February 2010

    DSIRDA Format.

    December 2010

    Devlopment Plan Prepared.

    After Consulation with local people and government department.

    January 2011

    Devlopment plan published.

    September 2012

    After feasibility study draft Dp was sanctioned.

    Octomber 2012

    Tp 1 & Tp 2 Draft sanctioned by GIDB.

    December 2012

    Tp 3 to Tp 6 Draft submitted for sanction..

    March 2013

    Gazette for Devlopment charge published.

    Road demarcation completed.

    AECOM appointed as project management consultant.

    July 2013

    NA Notification.

    August 2013

    Declare Dholera taluka.

    October 2013

    Tp 3 to Tp 6 Draft sanctioned.

    January 2014

    Ec hearing.

    NA file process started.

    June 2014

    Declare Rs.3000 cr. For phase -1 devlopment.

    June 2014

    Defance clerence for Airport.

    July 2014

    Tpo Appoitment in process.

    August 2014

    Environment clearance for Dholera SIR.

    September 2014

    Starter manlatdar office.

    September 2014

    Sub registar for dastarej.

    February 2015

    Started Tp office.

    May 2015

    Declare Rs.2784.83 cr for Activation Zone in Dholera SIR.

    December 2015

    Environmentt Clearance for Dholera Airport.

    December 2015

    Civil Aviation Cleareance for Dholera Airport.