• Buying Land

        We are buying land in Gujarat and Especially in Dholera SIR since initiation of this project. Our policy to buy land is open and transparent i.e. only title cleared and land with cleanliness from every angle including legal aspects. We never interested in land with any confusion of any aspect. We used to purchase both land agriculture and non agriculture land. Sometimes we purchase land directly from farmers if we have established relationship with them but mostly we used to buy land through reliable, experienced and trusted brokers mainly from our own sources. By this way we have maintained good land bank which can be utilized to sale land or for projects.


      • Selling Land

        After buying land and maintaining land bank, we normally go in two way- one is to sell land and the another is to go for project. As like in buying , we also follow principles in selling land. We prefer straight line, clear image and reliable buyers for selling our land irrespective of anything else. We also observe track record of the buyers to make transaction smooth and easy going. Out of our land bank we would like to keep some land for long term keeping held and some to sell. The nature and location of each land determines the time of holding the same land.


      • Developing Land

        Taking into consideration all relevant aspects of market and prospects of Project, we take decision to develop the said land out of our land bank. we had developed many lands inside Dholera SIR hitherto.Now, we are devloping land in Surat.